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Terms of Use for the New Orleans Terminal, LLC Website

Pursuant to the conditions listed below, New Orleans Terminal, LLC seeks the consent of users of the New Orleans Terminal website at https://notml.com (hereinafter referred to as “this website”). We assume that we have obtained your consent upon your access of this website. As the terms of use may change, we request that you access and understand the most recent content.

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1. Links to This Website

Linking to this website, in principle, is free. In places where links are set, please stipulate that they are links to this website. We firmly refuse the types of links listed below.

  • Links from websites that discredit or undermine the dignity of New Orleans Terminal, LLC and its group and related companies
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2. Links from This Website to Other Websites

Links from this website to third-party websites are managed based on the responsibility of respective administrators. New Orleans Terminal will not be held liable for the content of third-party websites. Nor will New Orleans Terminal be held liable for any damages accrued through the use of third-party websites.

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Last update: March 2020