N.O.T. Terminal Services

When your cargo enters the New Orleans Terminal facility via vessel, truck, barge or rail, it will be expeditiously handled and transported quickly and cost-effectively. The facility provides stevedoring and terminal operations, container marshalling, a container freight station, equipment, warehousing, and an intermodal on dock rail.
We will provide each and every customer the consistent, professional and seamless service that they
expect from a world class marine terminal facility.

A Look Around New Orleans Terminal

New Orleans Terminal contains a 3,500 feet (1066.8 meters) berth and 45 foot ( 13.716 meters) draft is supported by six post-Panamax ship-to-shore cranes, two manned RTGs and eighteen top loaders. The landside RTG  and top loaders container stacks are uniquely positioned on an angle to facilitate easier approaches and departures for truckers. Two ERTGs service 6,000 feet of intermodal rail.  There are fifteen reefer racks.

The New Orleans Terminal, LLC. is the single operator for the N.O.T. Container Facility, the N.O.T. Container Freight Station, and the New Orleans Intermodal On-Dock, Rail Ramp. This allows us to quickly and cost-effectively handle cargos destined to discharge or load from ship, rail lines or barge.  It also reduces or eliminates the intermodal consolidation and shipping cost as related to:

  • Handling overweight or oversized cargoes
  • Intermodal trucking or other fees to receive or return carriers empty equipment (New Orleans Terminal has ready access to most major carriers equipment inventories).
  • Equipment per diem and demurrage fees
  • Management of cargo cut-offs
  • Expediting government holds and exams

Stevedoring Services

Ready to handle all of your cargo’s transport needs

We know the importance of time and carefully manage vessel turnaround times, traffic patterns, manpower, equipment performance and cargo’s transport requirement.

New Orleans Terminal’s management team is always on-site or on call to ensure that each cargo and vessel is being efficiently worked. We carefully monitor our skilled labor and distribution methods so that we can deliver shorter turnaround times, responsive service and the confidence that cargo is always being handled carefully, safely and with high proficiency.

Container Ships to Barges

A world class marine terminal at your service

New Orleans Terminal’s versatility provides various inland transportation modes of barge, rail or truck directly to/from the terminal to/from vessel or inland destination. This creates a consistent and competitive environment and preserves competitive inland rate pricing structures. 

The terminal’s prime location on the Mississippi River gives our customers the advantage of keeping their cargo moving via various modes of transportation with minimal delays. New Orleans serves as the gateway to the Mississippi River which is by far the largest river system in the United States and one of the greatest commercial waterways of the world stretching some 2,300 miles. It is responsible for moving over 400 million short tons of commerce annually.

A variety of commodities handled 

  • Metals & Steel Products
  • Paper Products
  • Lumber
  • Super Sacks
  • Foodstuffs
  • Machinery
  • Stone/Granite
  • Petroleum Products
  • Bulk

Intermodal Rail Access

From ship to shore to rail, we keep your cargo moving

The New Orleans Terminal plays host to six Class 1 Rail Lines: CN, CSX Transportation, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad, Kansas City Southern Railway and Norfolk Southern Corp. With the formation of the New Orleans Intermodal rail ramp, conveniently located adjacent to the container marshaling yard,  a “True” On-Dock-Rail facility was created to expedite direct movements of intermodal cargoes (inclusive of overweight shipments) direct to vessel yard stacks. This eliminates the trucking transport from ramp to terminal.

Rail Accessible Warehouses

Save on intermodal consolidation and shipping costs 

As a full  service marine terminal, we have the facilities, equipment and warehousing space to accommodate all of your cargo’s transport requirements. 

  • The Milan Warehouse offers 107,000 sq. ft. rail accessible warehousing
  • The Napoleon C Warehouse provides 199,859 sq. ft. of warehousing
  • 335,000 sq. ft. of open support land
  • 45+ acres of container marshalling yard
  • Equipment Available are Top Handlers, Reach Stackers, Yard Hustlers, utility carts to work multiple operations (rail, terminal yard-gate, marine vessels, and CFS) simultaneously.
  • A daily inventory of Forklifts ranging from 8—50 ton capacity with the ability to handle
    multiple gangs of rail cars, containers or Flat Rack/Platform transfers or consolidations.
  • Assorted Paper clamp and Cotton clamp attachments.

The Top Carriers We Serve & Transport Partners

We are proud to serve the largest ocean carriers in the world and have developed close relationships with them and the Port of New Orleans. Our on-dock rail facility provides the most efficient movement of freight and is serviced by two, Class 1 railroads, CN-Canadian National Railway Company and Kansas City Southern and the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad Corporation.   

Terminal Gate

New Orleans Terminal was the first modern terminal container facility to utilize computerized portals at the gate complex.  We have carefully planned a number of processes and technologies to reduce truck-waiting times and the efficient pick-up and delivery of containers.  We also offer the flexibility, on request, to handle requests outside of standard operating hours without an additional storage fee.

The N.O.T. Terminal Operating System (TOS) is Mainsail 10 by Tideworks. The new Smart-Tecs Web Portal (https://appointments.notml.com) helps us communicate more easily with shipping lines, trucking companies, brokers, and other parties. New Orleans Terminal’s customers have a one-stop access to vital cargo information, helping to reduce service costs and improve gate turn times. You will find time saving tools, including automated email notifications, enhanced container availability details, and booking status updates.


Gate Hours:
Day Hours (Open/Close)
Sunday upon request
Monday 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday upon request
Cutoff Time For Gate Appointments:
Appointments Closes
Imports Pick up 4:00 PM
Double Moves 4:00 PM
Live Reefers 4:00 PM
Export Delivery 4:15 PM

General Safety Rules

It is the New Orleans Terminal’s policy to create a safe environment for all of our employees and visitors. ANYONE FOUND VIOLATING THESE RULES WILL BE SUBJECT TO SUSPENSION. If there are any questions or concerns, please call the New Orleans Terminal Customer Service at 504.648.6220

  • A current TWIC Card is needed for everyone entering the terminal.
  • When exiting a vehicle on terminal grounds, the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be worn properly (safety vest, steel toe shoes, hardhat, etc. Use varies depending upon each operation).
  • No mobile phones, including earpieces and headphones to be used or worn while servicing or operating a vehicle on terminal grounds. If an imminent need arises, please move away from the operation, park, turn off the vehicle and make the call. Remember Safety first!
  • Bobtail Drivers: Use bobtail lanes only when entering or exiting the terminal unless otherwise instructed.
  • Pay Attention to Stop Signs. They are strategically placed for everyone’s safety.
  • The Speed limit is 15 MPH and strictly enforced!
  • Pay attention to clearly marked traffic arrows when driving or operating on the terminal. Most roadways are one way.
  •  All OTR truckers (OTR) should clearly mark their trucks with a number.
  • Remain in your truck when located in the main yard. No walking around or between containers.
  • No cutting thru stacks or sections.
  • No U-Turns in sections.
  • Seatbelts must be worn at all times when on the terminal grounds.
  • Watch out for RTGs and always remain in designated RTG Lanes.
  • Absolutely No Littering. Dispose of trash in properly marked receptacles.
  • NO SMOKING on terminal grounds except in marked designated areas.
  • All drivers must unlock pins under the second inbound canopy/pedestal.
  • No passengers allowed in trucks except for driver training purposes only. Driver training must be preapproved. Both drivers must have TWIC cards and possess a copy of the approval email.