About New Orleans Terminal

Our Commitment is Our Mission

We are committed to providing each and every customer with consistent, professional and seamless service utilizing quality equipment, the latest technology and providing quality labor and management skills while handling your consignment. The staff and management of the New Orleans Terminal listen to the demands and requirements of our customers.

Created in 2007, New Orleans Terminal was planned to be the most advanced marine terminal in the Port of New Orleans. As the years passed, we have kept pace with the latest technology, equipment, infrastructure and services to maintain the ever-changing operational requirements of our customers. As vessels expand capacity, New Orleans Terminals has adapted itself to quickly and expeditiously deliver consistent, professional and seamless service.

As with all maritime facilities in the city, New Orleans Terminal is located along the Mississippi River at Napoleon Avenue. It is the single operator for the N.O.T. Container Facility, the N.O.T. Container Freight Station and the New Orleans Intermodal On-dock-Rail Ramp. The Terminal is ninety acres with a capacity of 366,000 TEUS. It has over 300,000 FT2 warehousing space, 335,000 FT2 open support land and a container marshalling yard of 45+ acres. The terminal has an on-dock rail and is located within close proximity of the six, Class 1 rail lines that intersect New Orleans.


New Orleans Terminal Green Policy

Managing environmental issues is a high priority for the New Orleans Terminal. We are deeply committed to integrating environmental sustainability into all of the terminal’s operations and processes. New Orleans Terminal’s goal is to reduce every stress on the environment through good stewardship and to taking the necessary actions to effectively encourage change as needed. We will use every resource to save energy, prevent pollution, reduce waste, encourage recycling and minimize emissions of greenhouse gases, ozone-depleting substances and toxic material.

At the New Orleans Terminal, we are deeply concerned about the safety, health and well-being of all employees and visitors. Providing a safe work environment and accident prevention are of the highest priority in all areas and operations in the terminal facility. Safety shall always take precedence while shortcuts that jeopardize safety will be avoided at all times. We will foster employee awareness and sensitivity and provide a safe workplace for all of our employees, stakeholders and customers. New Orleans Terminal holds a part in maintaining the delicate infrastructure of the Mississippi River and its tributaries; with this, we remain constant and vigilant in our actions to retain it as a thriving and prospering waterway for many years to come. This is our home and livelihood.

A Commitment to Sustainability

We are committed to making sustainability a priority by being a responsible steward of the environment.  Through conservation and sustainable practices in the community in which we operate, we will do everything possible to invest in more efficient equipment, pollution prevention, foster employee awareness and sensitive and providing a safe workplace for all of our employees, stakeholders and customers. Our Green Policy consists of:

  • See the environment as it is
  • Envision how it should be
  • Take action through good stewardship to make changes

New Orleans Terminal LLC will meet or exceed applicable legal requirements
for the environmental management of:

  • Prevention of pollution
  • Reduction of Environmental Impacts
  • Recycling
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Continual Improvement
  • Communication
  • Education